Welcome to Lord Manor!

Lord ManorLord Manor (the former Ellis Mansion) has historically been the home of the most influential families in the history of this town. Monson was historically a mill town and the Ellis family was the owner of the largest woolen mill for nearly one hundred years. The Ellis family also owned many of the largest homes in Monson. Their family home, which sat at the top of “Dye House Hill” on Green Street, looked down on Ellis Mill #3 which was located right on route 32. From the East Wing of their stately mansion, they could watch the mill’s 24 hour a day progress from the comfort of their home.

In 1939, their mansion was destroyed by fire and they quickly built a state-of-the-art center hall colonial with all of the most modern amenities (for the time). Their new home was 20 percent larger than the original. It featured 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms and had nearly 5000 square feet of living space within. In addition, the property had a 3 story, 3000 square foot carriage house, and it sat on several acres.

As foreign markets became more competitive in the 1950’s, mill profitability suffered greatly and after about 13 years of very poor profits, the Ellis Family sadly decided to close their woolen mills and sell their stately home.

The second owner of the mansion was the Sprague family who purchased the home from the Ellis’ in the early 60’s and it was their home for over the next thirty years. E. Russell Sprague was the CEO of the Tambrands Company, a large company in Palmer that employed a great number of people. As Mr. Sprague got older, the demands of maintaining such a large home became too much. After calling it home for more than 30 years, he sold it in 1995 to a young family in town, the Kryznoweks.

Being a young family with a business of their own, the Kryznowek’s worked diligently to raise their family, build their business and restore this jewel that had begun to show its age. They toiled away for 7 years on the home all while trying to juggle raising three children and building their business. In 2002, they sold the home to its current owner. Although they knew the house was a jewel, they also knew that family and their business had to come first.

So in over 100 years, the home finally has its 4th owner which is truly remarkable considering the average time a family keeps a home before selling it and this is where our story begins……

The current owner’s of the Manor are Jeffrey Lord and his partner, Edward Maia. Jeff is incredibly proud of his stately home and combines his pride with his many years of experience working for the Four Seasons Hotel in Boston as the person both in charge of the hotel at any given time and also the person who was the “Rock Group Coordinator”. His experience of being able to satisfy even the most demanding guests can assure you that your stay will be comfortable and tasteful while Ed’s commitment to keeping this jewel shining will assure that your stay is exceptional and will cater to your culinary delights. At Lord Manor, everyone is treated like royalty.